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eTani started from the dream to empower Indonesian farmers and micro-business owners.

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Sell fresh fruits and vegetables in your community and earn extra income for you and your family!


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Our Flagship Products

Over the years, we have branded some of our top-selling and highest quality products.

Region: East Java

Only harvested when ripe, these mangoes are typically eaten by the farmers like an avocado - by cutting it around the middle and taking the seed out, hence the name "Avomango".

Region: North Sulawesi

A key ingredient to the perfect avocado toast, Indonesia's most sought-after avocado has flesh as silky as butter, or "mentega" in Indonesian, hence the name "Avotega."

Region: East Java

Native to the Mexican desert, this red dragon fruit is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, complimented by its sweet flavour. The name "Pitaya" is an homage to its original Spanish name.

Region: East Java

Essential to the classic mango sticky rice dessert, this mango has an unbelievably sweet flavour accompanied by its fragrant smell. The name "Chokanan" is an homage to its original Thai name "Chok Anan".

Region: Bali

One of Nusantara's most unique fruits, the mangosteen is packed with vitamins and antioxidants. The name "Snow White" was derived from the mangosteen's glistening white flesh.

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